“Zhol-Sapa” LLP enters the international arena

LLP “Zhol-Sapa” together with company RENARDET SA & Partners Consulting Engineers will act as a Construction Supervision Consultant under the project “Reconstruction of the road Bidbid-Sur. Part 2, Section II with a length of 55.7 km” in Oman.

Bidbid-Sur Highway is one of the major roads in Sultanate Oman. It is a very essential road to Al-Dakhiliyah Governorate, as well as North and South Sharkiya Governorates, and the wilayats (provinces) in these governorates. The road is about 250 km long and is the main corridor to Sur, Ras Al-Had, Al-Ashkhara, Al-Kamel, and Al-Wafi. It is expected to contribute to the trade and economic activities in the whole area.

The scope of works comprises the construction supervision of the the dualization of Bidbid-Sur Road Section II Part 2 (Wilayat Kamil to Wilayat Sur) about 55.7 km long.

Works include the following:

  • Upgrading of the road to a three-lane carriageway on either side;
  • Service roads (15km);
  • Construction of T-junctions;
  • Construction of 10 arch-type Interchange Bridges including ramps;
  • Construction of five Vehicular Underpasses;
  • Construction of seven Pedestrian Underpass;
  • Replacement of all floodways on the main road with box culvert


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