International Transit corridor “Western Europe -Western China”: “Almaty – Kokpek – Chundzha – Koktal -Khorgos”: km 229,9 bridge over river Ili.

Client: Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Services: Technical supervision and technological support
Financing source: International Bank of Reconstruction and Development
Date of start: 10 September 2013
Date of completion: 10 March 2016
Name of partner in joint venture or sub-consultant: DONGSUNG Engineering Ltd.
Reconstruction of 4-line road having republican importance with total length 90 km. Reconstruction is carried out in Almaty oblast at road section “Almaty – Kokpek – Chundzha – Koktal -Khorgos”. Section km 229,9. Construction of new bridge with total length 700meters and reconstruction of the existing bridge over Ili river.

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