“Zhol-Sapa” LLP became a participant of forum-presentation(ALP “KNAPEC”)

“Zhol-Sapa” LLP became a participant of forum-presentation “Kazakh national association of professional engineers and consultants“ (ALP “KNAPEC”), within which representatives of engineering services of Kazakhstan were suggested  to combine personnel reserve of engineers  in order to enter at international level.

According to the presentation of the association management, entrance of consulting companies and individual consultants of RoK in ALP “KNAPEC” will make it possible to increase professional level in engineering in Kazakhstan: “We want to create platform for all consultants and engineers in Kazakhstan, in order to represent them at international level and inside the country”,-noted chairman of the Association Krishna Chakhun.

“Zhol-Sapa” LLP became a member of association “KNAPEC” and considers that due to the fast speed of transport construction an establishment of national association of engineers and consultants in Kazakhstan with entrance at international level is essential.  And the fact that the association follows to policy of FIDIC significantly increases possibility of Kazakhstan engineering companies to be engaged in competition.

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