The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan offered to build speed highway Minsk-Moscow-Astana-Almaty

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev lectured to the students of MSU named after Lomonosov  in Moscow, and proposed to implement the number of infrastructure projects in frames of Eurasian Economic Union, as informed by Kazinform.

«Territory of Eurasian economic union should become a leading part of continent-wide infrastructure, in a scale of all Eurasia. It is important to implement the number of projects »,— said Nazarbayev N.

The head of the government offered to create Unique Eurasian network, to build speed railway on route Minsk-Moscow-Astana-Almaty, to perform modernization of nets of rod and railway, especially passing to the west – to European, to the east – to Chinese transport systems, and also to implement the project of the channel “the Caspian sea-Black sea”.  

«Of course, at the first sight, it seems like those are big projects. But besides the project “the Caspian sea-Black sea”, all other projects are ongoing and to be implemented. And these transport communications will show how serious we are eager to integrate our economics, so others will pay attention to this. By the way, the channel “the Caspian sea-the Black sea” was designed during tsarist rule, but wasn’t implemented», — added the President of Kazakhstan.

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